• Rivolta globale

    Rivolta globale - 2010-08-02

    Leave your comments here :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Great game !

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Very interesting AI, much more agressive that the one I am used to. Great programming.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    veryyyyy nice.

  • Daniel Wu

    Daniel Wu - 2010-10-12

    I'm working on a project that this example seems like something would really help me move forward.  I'd like to learn more about the general ability to show 3D and how this was done in HTML5.  Have you thought about any textures/materials for the 3D view?  Is that possible?  I have additional questions … if we can talk via email/chat, let me know.  Thanks!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The game as a bug on check.

    1. d4 d5 2. c4 Nc6 3. Nc3 dxc4 4. Nf3 f5 5. Bf4 Nf6 6. e4 fxe4 7. Bxc4 exf3 8. O-O fxg2 9. Kxg2 Bf5 10. Kg1 e6 11. d5 Bg4 12. Qd3 Bf5 13. Qd2 Ne4 14. Qe3 Bc5 15. Qxc5 Nxc5 16. dxc6 Qd4 17. Bxe6 Nxe6 18. Bxc7 Nxc7 19. Nd5 Qg4 20. Kh1+ Qf3 21. Kg1+ Qg4 22. Kh1+ Qf3 23. Kg1+ Qg4 24. Kh1+ Qf3 25. Kg1+ Qg4 26. Kh1+ Qf3 27. Kg1+ Qg4 28. Kh1+ Qf3 29. Kg1+ Qg4 30. Kh1+ Qf3 31. Kg1+ Qg4 32. Kh1+ Qf3 33. Kg1+ Qg4 34. Kh1+ Qf3 35. Kg1+ Qg4 36. Kh1+ Qf3 37. Kg1+ Qg4 38. Kh1+ Qf3 39. Kg1+ Qg4 40. Kh1+ Qf3 *

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    What bug???

  • David B

    David B - 2011-12-27

    Just tested it - Castling and En Passant are both supported. When castling, make sure to move the King first.

    That said, The board lets me do a few illegal moves - Have multiple pieces on the same square, etc… (Type in O-O-O as your first move) - Enjoyable though, with quite an aggressive AI!

  • Car

    Car - 2011-12-27

    I like it, yet the games are a little  too classic. It would bd nice if there was more choice of games. And i have got  to learn where to find more online games for the normal Kindle!!!

  • samadullah

    samadullah - 2012-02-21

    How can i make move by drag and drop.

  • samadullah

    samadullah - 2012-02-23

    how can i make move by drag and drop piece


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