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Another new developer has arrived!

I present you themarty (Marty) as the new developer for this project. He has ambitious plans for this project, let's hope this may solve some peoples' problems with this script.

Posted by Renato A. C. 2005-06-18

New Forum! Hints&Tips

As some people suggested, I've opened a Forum specifically for this.

Posted by Renato A. C. 2005-06-18

A new developer has arrived!

As I am not being able to continue working on this project for a while, I present you a new developer for this project that should make some updates to the code: Julien Mourout - jmourot
Though he seems to be busy as well, at least some updates are better than no updates :)

Posted by Renato A. C. 2005-04-24

HTML2PDF - a PHP script v.3.0.2b bug-fix release

- improved CENTER/ADDRESS tag support (simplified code, fixed bugs)
- improved LI/OL/UL tag support (fixed bugs, more tolerant to malformed HTML code)
- improved INPUT tag support (more tolerant to malformed HTML code, empty or invalid input types now are treated as 'text' type, fixed RADIO checked=checked not filled circle-bug)

Posted by Renato A. C. 2005-02-08

HTML2PDF - a PHP script v.3.0.1b bug-fix release

- New feature: Script now understands monospace,serif,sans [serif] - font names!
- Fixed 3 bugs:
1)Paragraph1 ended up being printed out of the page. Example:
<p><a name="begin">Paragraph1</a></p>
2)Text2 overlapped Text1. Example:
3)Cell width was miscalculated due <br>. Example:

Posted by Renato A. C. 2005-02-06

HTML2PDF - a PHP script v.3.0b finally released!

- Site updated

Posted by Renato A. C. 2005-02-04

Update to come!

It has been a long time since my last update. Now a 3.0b version is to be released between Jan 15th and Feb 15th.
Just in case someone thought this project was abandomned...

Posted by Renato A. C. 2004-12-31

HTML2PDF - PHP script v.2.2b released!

- Site updated(a bit)
- More tags supported
- Fixed some bugs
- New function implemented (DisableTags)
(obs: included the 'font' folder that was not included on versions 2.0 and 2.0.1 -- that's why they have smaller sizes...)
(More info can be found on the project's homepage: )

Posted by Renato A. C. 2004-08-04

Tiny Bug fix

- Fixed a bug related to the 'li' tag. Sorry for releasing the 2.0 with that, it was supposed to be my final release (at least for a long while).

Posted by Renato A. C. 2004-07-30

HTML 2 PDF - PHP script 2.0 (beta) released!

Main features:
- Site ( UPDATED!
- Reorganized code (modularized, cleaned, documented, etc - should be more readable and maintainable now)
- Separated general-use version (html2fpdf.php) from private-use version (html2fpdf_site.php) (2 classes now, instead of 2 packages)
- Script is now more customizable in the general-use version (check:usecss,usetitle,usepre vars) (create your own footers and headers)
- GIFT! A script I created in order to generate the class documentation (source2doc.php)
Other features:
- Several bug fixes
- select and textarea tags are now supported
- You may insert an image in a table cell:
1- Cell with only 1 image (works ok)
2- Cell with img + text or text + img (you need to specify the width correctly)
3- text + img + text (does not work)

Posted by Renato A. C. 2004-07-30

HTML 2 PDF - PHP script 1.4.5 (beta) released!

- Some bugs fixed, most of them related to <table>
- ReadCSS() now reads external files correctly (not only one external file like in the past)

Posted by Renato A. C. 2004-07-28

HTML 2 PDF - PHP script 1.4 (beta) released

- This version has an improved table recognition system.
- Many, many bug fixes
- The home page of this project ( was also updated!

Posted by Renato A. C. 2004-07-27

HTML 2 PDF - PHP script 1.0 (beta) released

The first version of the script has finally been released! You may get more info about this project on the home page:

Posted by Renato A. C. 2004-07-25

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