Hi again,
I solved the image problem.
But I have another problem with header and footer.
Firstly I create fo file then I am using jakarta fop to convert .fo file to .pdf file.At this point I want to create header with tables and logos in my pdf document. My footer also included some tables and logos.
Is it possible to make this kind of headers and footers?
I am looking forward to get your feedback.

Enrico Schnepel <enrico.schnepel@gmx.de> wrote:
Hello metin,

the problem is that html2fo creates a xsl:fo script instead of a pdf file.
this .fo could be passed to fop as it is. fop will create the pdf you want.



Am Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2004 10:27 schrieb metin bekil:
> I can not run the HTML2FO.exe executable file. I am writing "C:\>HTML2FO
> input.htm output.pdf" to convert htm file. It seems working because my
> html file is very simple and I dont have any error message. It produce
> output.pdf file but I can not open it. what is the problem? What is your
> suggestion?
> Note : I downloaded html2fo-0.4.2-x86-win32.zip from web site.
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