Great!   It works...
Thanks for your feedback Enrico...
I am converting .fo file to pdf document using jakarta fop.
what about images?
Does htmlt2fo support image conversion?
I have an image in html document as <img border="0" src="/paris-pictures/a.jpg">
But when I convert fo file to pdf It does not display the image in pdf?
what is your suggestion?
thanks in advance..

Enrico Schnepel <> wrote:
Hello metin,

the problem is that html2fo creates a xsl:fo script instead of a pdf file.
this .fo could be passed to fop as it is. fop will create the pdf you want.



Am Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2004 10:27 schrieb metin bekil:
> I can not run the HTML2FO.exe executable file. I am writing "C:\>HTML2FO
> input.htm output.pdf" to convert htm file. It seems working because my
> html file is very simple and I dont have any error message. It produce
> output.pdf file but I can not open it. what is the problem? What is your
> suggestion?
> Note : I downloaded from web site.
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