John Woods - 2002-03-06

Hello, I am a developer for Science Applications International, Inc. We are currently working on a project that requires XML data to be outputed as HTML on the web and also to PDF for printing. I have created an XSL style sheet that converts to HTML, no problem. Now I want to use that same style sheet to ouput to an FO file to be converted to PDF. Logic says to simply convert all the HTML tags in the current XSL to FO tags and save it as another XSL file. This XSL file is 73 pages long and I do not want to do this conversion by hand. Your html2fo program is not quite what I am looking for, however, it is beautifully written.

My Question:

Is their a program that you know about that has the ability to take as INPUT and XSL file containing HTML tags and OUTPUT an XSL file with these HTML tags converted to FO tags.

Thanks and keep up the excellent work,
John Woods