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HTML-Template-Pro 0.67: stable bugfix release.

All known bugs are fixed.
Underlying C library is now fully reentrant.

Posted by Igor Vlasenko 2007-12-03

HTML::Template::Pro now support HTML::Template 2.8

HTML::Template::Pro now support new features of HTML::Template 2.8.
added support for default_escape option.

Posted by Igor Vlasenko 2006-04-18

HTML::Template::Pro now supports filters

as of version 0.52, filters are completely supported
in HTML::Template::Pro.

Posted by Igor Vlasenko 2005-09-30

HTML::Template::Expr is completely supported

added complete support for HTML::Template::Expr tags.
supported are
operators (comparisons and ariphmetics)
built-in and user-defined functions

Posted by Igor Vlasenko 2005-08-04

added basic support for Html::Template::Expr

added basic support for Html::Template::Expr tags.
Currently, operators (comparisons and ariphmetics)
are supported, but user-defined functions are not.

Posted by Igor Vlasenko 2005-07-26

first public release.

HTML-Template-Pro should be easily interchangeable with
HTML-Template. simply write 'use HTML-Template-Pro' instead
of 'use HTML-Template'. The rest of code may be untouched.
It is beta-release.

Posted by Igor Vlasenko 2005-05-14