2009/3/24 <mailbin@comcast.net>
as a new user to html::templates i've found it pretty easy to use but
quite slow.  i've turned on cache'ing but there is still no
improvement and apache's log indicates that the files are being loaded
each time.  so, what am i doing wrong?  i've included the perl code i
use to create the template and the results shown in apache's log.
this shows, i believe, that each file is being loaded each time it's
referenced.  it also shows another problem, that i encounter every so
often, that the file can't be found when, in fact, it's there.  if i
simply reload the page the file is found the 2nd time.  very confusing.

Are you running mod_perl?  Are you pre-loading your cache during apache startup as described in the docs?  And finally, what makes you sure HTML::Template is the source of your performance problem?  It's actually pretty rare in my experience.