Hello all,
I am not a very experienced perl programmer and I do not have access to the server or fancy modperl. Thus, I needed something that I could drop in and TT kept giving me errors when I tried that. HTML::Template was the only one that worked for me.
I found the dot plugin on CPAN and began using it as I need hash support currently not offered in the regular distribution. The package description said that no attempt to benchmark has been done. My question is how much slower is this plugin over the regular distribution (even anecdotal evidence helps).

Prior to HT, I generally used the qq~ ~; in subroutines and I would call the subroutine if I wanted to use that particular html code section. After switching to HT, my primitive benchmarking system showed a 0.07s increase in execution time from ~0.15 to ~0.22.
I really like the system and my code is a lot cleaner now. I tried the file cache system but I saw no reduction in execution time (does this help w/ server load instead?). The temp files are being generated so it must be working correctly.
I apologize for my newbie questions ahead of time. Any advice/help is much appreciated.
Thank you,
Sanjeet Ganjam
Email: sganjam@gmail.com