On 5/18/06, Sam Tregar <sam@tregar.com> wrote:
On Thu, 18 May 2006, Matias Alejo Garcia wrote:

> Maybe a good option would be to use 'memcached' (Cache::Memcached, which can
> also be shared in the distributed environment, and is very easy to manage)
> instead of IPC. What you think?

Seems like a fun project, if possibly self-defeating.  I think it's
unlikely that it would be faster than file_cache on a system with
enough free memory to cache file-system access, but of course I could
be wrong.

Thanks for your answer. We are setting an apache cluster in the next few months, so maybe
we will evaluate that.

Stuff like this would be much easier to experiment with if I actually
put out HTML::Template v3.  I'd like to split off the caching stuff
into a separate plugable system.  Right now the cache-handling is in
the core module and not terribly easy to extend.

That sounds great!

Matías Alejo García

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