On 5/17/06, Sam Tregar <sam@tregar.com> wrote:
On Wed, 17 May 2006, Matias Alejo Garcia wrote:

> So, some of our pages include 200 templates (we use shared_cached=>1). These
> 'include' strategy helps our designer because its HTML code is reutilized
> over and over.
> Would you say this is a correct approach? What about performace? I know be
> need to benchmark, but it there any commets you can make? Thanks!

Are you using caching?  Are you pre-caching your templates during
server startup?  If so then you can have as many includes as you want
and it won't make a bit of difference at runtime.

Yes, we are using  shared_cached. We are no precaching, but we will once we reach our beta version.

Thanks! Great news!



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