Hi all!

I've been using Template::HTML for 3 months, I would like to ask you a few questions

1) In our project we are using around 50 different templates, It is very common for us to do something like:

<tmpl_loop departments>

<tmpl_if show_picture>
   <tmpl_if picture_url>
           <tmpl_include user_picture.tmpl>

<tmpl_if users>
       <tmpl_include show_user.tmpl>


So, some of our pages include 200 templates (we use shared_cached=>1). These 'include' strategy helps our designer because its HTML code is reutilized over and over.
Would you say this is a correct approach? What about performace? I know be need to benchmark, but it there any commets you can make? Thanks!

2) Wouldn't be nice to have a template comment tag? 
I think it would be useful to describe template, and not generate HTML.  For example:
<!-- <tmpl_comment>
 This template shows a user. bla bla
  - bla bla

# This template shows a user. bla bla
# Inputs:
#  - bla bla

In our project we 'compile' the templates before installing to production, so normal HTML comments are taken away, but I think that the 'comment' tag would be interesting to have.


Matías Alejo García

NITS Argentina
    | http://www.nits.com.ar