2008/4/29 Roger Burton West <roger@firedrake.org>:
On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 02:39:17PM +0100, James Hardy wrote:
>the example
>code for section 5 is the same as the example for section 4 after "# And
>with some TMPL_LOOPs:", and as such doesn't seem to use a hashref at all.

It's not, you know.

     $self->param(PARAM => 'value',
                  PARAM2 => 'value',


                     PARAM => 'value',
                     PARAM2 => 'value',


Fantastic, I'd looked at that for so long and never notices the braces, I was expecting a hash ref as a variable either \%hash or $hashref, with the hash being defined previously (which I have just tested and it works fine). It might be an idea to include that in the docs for people like me who are still a little clueless about the many ways of doing the same thing in Perl.