1.    Sorry this is HTML E-mail.  I've been using this VS.NET IDE (ugh,) which pastes very messy unless Outlook is in HTML mode.  Sorry again, I know, I hate me too.
2.    I am thinking that you need help building an Array of Hashes for use in a loop.  We want to assemble each record from the database and then append it to our loop construct.  If I am incorrect, disregard this message.
[[[[[[[[ snip ]]]]]]]]
   my $sth = $dbh -> prepare('select note_id, note_title, note_text, course_id, module_id, section_id, page_id, user_id from tblNotes where user_id = ? and course_id = ?');
    $sth->execute($user_id, $course_id) or die "DB : Could not execute : $DBI::errstr";

    my @note_index;
    while (my @rc = $sth->fetchrow_array() )
        my %results;
        %results->{'note_id'} = $rc[0];
        %results->{'note_title'} = $rc[1];
        push @note_index, \%results;
    $sth->finish( );
    return @note_index;
[[[[[[[[ snip ]]]]]]]]
I would later take @note_index and
$body->( NOTES => \@note_index ) ;

> I think this might be a basic PERL question but it does involve H::T. :o)
> But maybe somebody here can help me anyway...I'm using the loop
> ability with
> H::T to print out rows where each row is a form.  I want to add a
> tag field
> for each row with the same data for that field in each row.  How do I push
> that into the $rows that I pass to H::T?
You want to use an array of hashes.  You make an array, and push the hash ref onto it.  You could also
unshift it.

> my $rc = $sth->execute();
> my $tmpl_obj;
> # prepare a data structure for HTML::Template
> my $rows;
> push @{$rows}, $_ while $_ = $sth->fetchrow_hashref();
That's obtuse ;)

> # instantiate the template and substitute the values
> $tmpl_obj = $self->load_tmpl('showclient.html');
> $tmpl_obj->param(results => $rows);
I think I am doing the same thing above, but my array is returned to another module
that manages putting it into the H:T

> Thanks in advance,
- Cory