Just a different way of thinking about it, but you could always output all the rows and use html/css to hide the ones after #15 or whatever. That way you're a bit more in keeping with data/presentation split that HTML::Template enforces...

Vijay Krishna Ramesh

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Date: Fri, Apr 29, 2011 17:28
Subject: [htmltmpl] TMPL_LOOP limit or count
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Been using HTML::Template in a few projects.  Really nice not to have
HTML tangled in the Perl code.

Got a largish hash I am sorting.  Want to output only about 15 lines
of the table.  Is there a way to tell the loop to stop?

Here's what I'm doing:

my @calloutdata;
foreach $callskey ( sort {$callnum{$b} <=> $callnum{$a}} keys %callnum){
   my %outbound;
   $outbound{EXTENNUMCALLED}  = $callskey;
   $outbound{TIMESCALLED}      = $callnum{$callskey};
   push( @calloutdata, \%outbound );

       $template->param( OUTBOUNDS => \@calloutdata );

The calloutdata array winds up to be about 200 lines long.  Any way to
have the TMPL_LOOP stop output after 15 or so table lines?

Nothing in the docs suggests a way to do this (or am I missing something?).


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