Hi Rajesh,

I dont think anyone has answered this yet...  This question gets asked quite frequently - if you search through the archives, you will find numerous answers, most of which boil down to one of:

- use something like:

   <TMPL_IF FILENAME1><TMPL_INCLUDE filename1.tmpl>
     <TMPL_IF FILENAME2>...etc

- a variation of above, using <TMPL_IF EXPR="filename eq 'blah'">
- the problem you are trying to solve actually has a better solution that doesn't depend on using a variable as the filename
- using one of the various modified versions HTML::Template (aka modified by various users of this email list) which has explicit support for this syntax.

hope this helps,
Mathew Robertson

Rajesh Raghammudi wrote:
I would like to include a file

I can do so by  <tmpl_include NAME=index.html>

But I need include different pages depends on my conditions, I tried below, it did not workout.

 <tmpl_include NAME=<tmpl_var name=FILENAME>>

Please suggest me if any other way to handle this situation.

Thank you.

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