You will be able to support more characters descriptors by using only utf8 (ie: unicode) than trying to support individual charsets ** ie: if you are resorting to entities, then you should simply use utf8 as they both print the same character.

** I can say this from experience, eg: I had a requirement to support at least three different charsets on the same web page, at the same time -> using entites was hard work on the programmers brain and is bandwidth intensive.

You should seriously consider outputting to utf8 only.


Alex Teslik wrote:
I completely agree. Unfortunately I've inherited a lot of the code and it
needs to support all charsets. :(

On Thu, 20 Mar 2008 14:31:54 +1100, Mathew Robertson wrote
Have you tried using utf8 as the encoding?  You will get far more 
millage out of utf8 than using entities.


Alex Teslik wrote:

  I'm developing an app where there are some strings that have HTML entities
in them, such as:

This is a "Tést"