Hi Marcin,

This has been sitting in my inbox for a while, but I didn't really have an ideas.

Have you tried enabling the file_cache only (ie not the memory cache)?  It may help nail whether the problem is with H::T or something else.

Mathew Robertson

Marcin Gryszkalis wrote:
On Friday of June 1 2007, you wrote:
Did you ever resolve this?   After looking at the problem again, I
suspect that some variable was being set/used incorrectly, ie: a scalar
was being set on the param, but trying to be used in a loop -> or more
specifically vice versa inside an EXPR...

Unfortunately - no, the only way to solve it is to turn off cache, I use 
following options:

my %default_options = (
    die_on_bad_params => 0,
    search_path_on_include => 1,
    loop_context_vars => 1,
    global_vars => 1,
    strict => 1,
    cache => 1,

after I set cache=>0 the errors don't show anymore (with cache on they show 
randomly, like once every 10-20 calls - with the same almost static (just 
several includes) page)...

Any help or directions how to debug this will be appreciated.