Hi List,

[ Eventually I will post a patch to H::T to a webpage, in the meantime I have sent an update version directly to Joshua.  If others are interested in this patch, shoot me a email. ]

I am happy to say that I haven't run into any problems using Mathew's
patch. It's exactly what I wanted/needed! Thanks!
Thats good.
I do have a feature request though:

Currently if I leave out 2 params, it only notifies me that one of
them is missing. It would be nice if I was told when both were
Hadn't considered that.  The existing coding practice within H::T is that is croak's immediately on error conditions.  However, in the case of this option, adding support for accumulating the errors is pretty trivial, so I did.
This issue applies to die_on_bad_params as well, but it's slightly
more subtle, because the dying point is different. With
die_on_bad_params, you die as soon as the param is set, so no list of
bad_params could accumulate. (unless of course you wait until
$template->output() to die).

Also, I've noticed that if I comment out a <tmpl_var ...> in the
template file, die_on_missing_params still thinks I should set it.
Likewise, if I set a parameter that has been commented out,
die_on_bad_params remains silent. Perhaps this is the intended
behavior... after all, somebody may want to fill in html comments from
the code. And adding a new comment syntax to template files would
detract from it's great simplicity. Besides, commenting out code is
considered bad practice anyway, isn't it? :)
Some browsers support conditional compilation/execution, which means that HTML comments are actually parsed.  In fact, since HTML comments are true-dinks DOM elements, there are some javascript libraries that parse the comment block to enable extra features, while being old-browser compatible.

So yes, you want TMPL_xxx parsed inside HTML comments.  If you really want to comment out a TMPL_VAR, you could try unsetting "strict" so that you can do:

<TMPL_VAR name>      =>      <TMPL_ZUH name>

Or if you need to comment out a HTML block, you can use a H::T filter such as:

sub tmpl_comment {
  my $filter = sub {
    my $text_ref = shift;
    my $match  = qr/<(?:\!--\s*)?[Tt][Mm][Pp][Ll]_[Cc][Oo][Mm][Mm][Ee][Nn][Tt]\s*(?:--)?>.*?<(?:\!--\s*)?\/[Tt][Mm][Pp][Ll]_[Cc][Oo][Mm][Mm][Ee][Nn][Tt]\s*(?:--)?>/s;
    $$text_ref  =~ s/$match//g;
  return $filter;

$ht = HTML::Template->new(...., filter => tmpl_comment,...);

    ... some <a...> html </a>

Mathew Robertson