Short answer: no there isn't such a feature.

However I do have a patch I use to add this ability - with one caveat... the patch changes the behaviour such that if your code never implemented:

 $ht->param(parm_name => undef);

but did rely on the undef'ness of param_name, then your code would need the above line added where appropriate.  I found that I would often write:

 $ht->param(param_name => get_something());

so param_name would be explicitely set to undef, and so the patch works for me.

Mathew Robertson

Joshua wrote:

(I'm sorry if I double posted this. However, the first time I sent it, I was
not subscribed to the mailing list, so I don't think it went through.)

I find the "die_on_bad_params => 1" to be a very useful feature. Setting it
to 0 is kind of like debugging Perl without "use strict;".

However, die_on_bad_params only does half the job. It dies if I try to set
non-existent vars, but it does nothing if I forget to set an existing var.
Is there a way (such as a die_on_missing_params option) that I can turn on
some such warning system? (Perhaps there are some extensions to
HTML::Template that do this?)

Any help is appreciated.

Josh "Ua" Ball

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