I worked on a product which was translated into 6 languages; we supplied templates in ASCII and used TMPL_VAR's to output the appropriate UTF8-encoded string.

ie: there are no real problems if your templates are just layouts and the content is provided by TMPL_VAR's.

As an aside, there are a number of different techniques used to get the UTF8 strings into the templates, eg: TMPL_VAR's, hacks to H::T, using H::T::E with a callback.


H. Tan-Tenn wrote:
Having read

"how to use UTF8?":

the reformist "templates in UTF-8 (and generic support for PerlIO layers)":

and the pessimistic "No way to deal with multi-bytes characters":

I am curious to learn what is the current best practice for those of us
desperately dependent on UTF-8 (in my case Unicode is required to
display my languages).


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