I have the need to package HT with a package distributions, as most purchaser's don't know what a Perl Module is, much less have the ability to install from CPAN. And of course, more and more Host Providers today are offering $1.95 plans with CGI functionality and ZERO skill to support it.

So that all said and done, here is what I envision doing:

CGI Side Structure
cgi-bin/someapp -> Parent of the application.
cgi-bin/someapp/MODULES -> A standard I use for application modules and config files.
cgi-bin/someapp/HTML -> Is it safe to dump all the content from a std CPNA-like install in here?

HTML Side Structure
htdocs/someapp -> Parent of the application.
Now zip up the whole world and write some reasonable doc.

In the past, I have done this on some rare instances.

However, now I am looking to package HT with my PayPal Applications and tools, when only HT is needed.

Like the UN, a Resolution would be nice!

Thks, Dave
Dave Van Abel
Colorado, USA
Yahoo Instant Messenger = dave_vanabel