My two cents worth:

Over time, I have encountered the same problem(s), and varying results. But...

Now my web designer & I have reverted to WHAT'S IN THE TABLE ROW is H::T related. Sample, which I am working on right now =

An exception, A tag outside the work area. In most cases, I just assume I have to check and/or fix it afterwards.

To date, I have been successful in training a Web Content Consultant and one Client - Content Developer, to work within some confines of these reasonable rules. Right now, I am training my understudy in Perl + HTML, and he quickly grasped it all. ( a real bonus for me).

Closing comment: You'll never win the battle, we just have to learn to live w/it.


Chisel Wright wrote:
Hi there,

I've been using H::T for some time now, and I've conviced the team here
that H::T is a better tool for our needs than other modules in a similar

Here, as at many places, we split the coding and the HTML design between
programmers and web-designers. We've hit upon a small problem though.

Although the syntax for H::T is simple, and we're not asking the
web-designers to add any H::T tags (yet). We'd just like them to not
trash the tags we insert into the html and pass back to them.

I'm not asking for a technical solution for this. There isn't one for
stupidity/laziness as far as I know.

What I was wondering was if there are any guides in existence along the
lines of "H::T for web designers". An intro, example of some simple tag
usage (so they can spot thos hard-to-find H::T tags :-) - you get the

I know there's not a hell of a lot to it, but I'm just wondering if
there are other points I might want to cover in the document I'm going
to be writing later this week.

Is H::T syntax too close to HTML tags for someone to understand?
Should we be using tags in a different format, and then using a filter?

I don't know - I'm just fishing for ideas and comments to give me
something to think about before I knuckle down to write something for
our web team.



Dave Van Abel
Colorado, USA
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