Thanks, Mathew, for the response.  That looks easy enough.  Now, what if I have two nested tmpl_loops and I want to only apply the break tag on the first set of nested template loop date? 

For example:

<tmpl_loop albums>
<tmpl_loop pictures>
    <img src="<tmpl_var src>" alt="" />
   <tmpl_if expr="(__counter__ % 3) == 0 && PARENT_LOOP_COUNTER < 1"><br /></tmpl_if>


Can I "see" the counter for the parent loop inside the child loop?



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sure thing - but it does require using H::T::Expr.  I use the following snippet as-is to a gallery of photo's.  Notice the use of modulo (%).


<table width=100% border=0 cellpadding=1 cellspacing=1>
<TMPL_LOOP gallery>
<TMPL_IF EXPR="(__counter__ % 3) == 1">
<tr valign=top>
<td width=33% align=center valign=top class=text>
<a href="<TMPL_VAR>/<TMPL_VAR NAME=filename ESCAPE=URL>" title="Click to enlarge"><img alt="" src="<TMPL_VAR paths.thumbnail>/<TMPL_VAR NAME=filename ESCAPE=URL>" width=180 height=200 border=0></a><br>
<<TMPL_VAR spacer> width=10 height=6><br>
<TMPL_IF EXPR="(__counter__ % 3) == 0">
<td colspan=3>
<<TMPL_VAR spacer> height=18 width=100%>

Michael Greenish wrote:

I have a series of images that I would like to output but I want to limit it to only 4 images per row. I would like to put a br tag to force the 5th, 9th, etc... image to go to the next row. Can I do this completely int the template using an iterator or resettable counter?



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