Ya sorry, that's what I meant.

Right now I am working on some site code, and the designer sometimes have to come to me for stuff because he doesn't always know what hash keys I am passing to him (say sometimes I might add a new one, sometimes he mistype one, etc.).  The whole point of doing this template separation is to decouple things, but if the designer can only figure out what's being passed into the template by looking at the module code, it kinda defeats the whole purpose.

It would be such great convenience to be able to dump the whole thing on the HTML with a call like this:

<tmpl_var story_loop>


<tmpl_loop story_loop>
  <column_var>   <-- outputs all keys here

Carl Franks <fireartist@gmail.com> wrote:
> e.g.

a TMPL_LOOP doesn't take a hash, it takes an array-ref of hash-refs
that would be

my @loop = (
{name => 'a'},
{name => 'b'},

$tmpl->param( students => \@loop );

If you knew that already, give an example of what sort of data you
want to put in, and what you want the HTML to look like.


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