I've read the documentation sections on TMPL_IF and TMPL_ELSE.  The part where I'm getting stuck is figuring out how to set up that "BOOL" value.  I know if "BOOL" is true, then the section in TMPL_IF is run; if it's false, the section in TMPL_ELSE is run.  This sounds like what I want to do (I think...).
I have my results generated and the web page looks nice.  However, there are some rows that need to have a different bit of HTML in it (some rows/cells are to be "drillable" and some are not).  Unfortunately, it's not just the "last" or "first", etc.; the rows are interspersed in no particular order, some are contiguous, some are stand-alone.
This is where I get stuck.  I can tell where I am in Perl when I'm pushing the hash references to the @loop_data (which is subsequently pushed to the template for output), so I can set a variable to something at that time. 
How do I set up a variable that the TMPL_IF and TMPL_ELSE can use to determine which section of the HTML loop to process?
I hope this made sense.  When you're new, sometimes it's hard to know even how to ask a question!  :-)

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