I confess I don't completely understand what you suggested, but I tried the following and I receive an error that says "nc_rpt_summary.pl: HTML::Template : Attempt to set nonexistent parameter 'cell_fmt' - ..[blah].. at /nc_rpt_summary.pl line 599". 

I tried changing 'cell_fmt' in line 599 to 'title_bar'.  I also tried it as 'some_var' (just to see what would happen) and the error message changes to reflect each variation I tried.  I also tried putting Lines 598 and 599 in front of Line 593.  No luck on any of this. 

Ln593:  $tmpl_main->param(title_bar => "Rpt $rpt_no - $rpt_lbl",
                          hdr_asofdt => "$rpt_asofdt",
                          attr_fyr   => $attr_fyr,
                          passattrs  => \@loop_attr,
                          passdata   => \@loop_data);
Ln598:  my $big_tmpl = HTML::Template->new( scalarref => \$cell_fmt );
Ln599:  $big_tmpl->param( cell_fmt  => $tmpl_main->output() );
Ln600:  print $tmpl_main->output();

And a shortened snipped version of my .tmpl file:
<TMPL_LOOP NAME=passdata>
    <tr class=<TMPL_VAR NAME=trclass> bgcolor=<TMPL_VAR NAME=bgcolor>>
    <td <TMPL_VAR NAME=cell_fmt><TMPL_VAR NAME=col_cfte></td>
    <td <TMPL_VAR NAME=cell_fmt><TMPL_VAR NAME=col_cbud></td>

Timm Murray <tmurray@agronomy.org> wrote:
At 07:08 AM 1/9/04 -0800, LDT wrote:
>my $cell_fmt = <>align="right" style="cursor:pointer;cursor:hand;"
> title="Click to drill down"
> onmouseover="style.background='#CCCCFF';"
> onmouseout ="style.background='> NAME=bgcolor>';">
>$tmpl_main = HTML::Template->new( scalarref => \$cell_fmt );
>$tmpl_main->param( title_bar => "Rpt $rpt_no - $rpt_lbl",
> hdr_asofdt => "$rpt_asofdt",
> attr_fyr => $attr_fyr,
> passattrs => \@loop_attr,
> passdata => \@loop_data);
>print $tmpl_main->output();

$tmpl_main only gets parameters that are visible inside $cell_fmt. Once
those are set, you can put its output into the parameter of another
template like this:

my $big_tmpl = HTML::Template->new( . . . );
$big_tmpl->param( some_var => $tmpl_main->output() );

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