Thanks for the explanation.  I tried it right away, and I now get the following error.  I had snipped out the parameters in my original post because they were irrelevant, but now it trips over them in my actual program.  I haven't changed any of my templates, so I believe this is in response to the scalarref stuff I'm trying to do. HTML::Template : Attempt to set nonexistent parameter 'title_bar' - this parameter name doesn't match any declarations in the template file : (die_on_bad_params => 1) at /local/www/htdocs/scripts/campus/ line 594
And here's the complete code section I'm using (I went back to the HERE doc, but the q and qq don't work either):

my $cell_fmt = <<EOL
align="right" style="cursor:pointer;cursor:hand;"
                      title="Click to drill down"
                      onmouseout ="style.background='<TMPL_VAR NAME=bgcolor>';">

$tmpl_main = HTML::Template->new( scalarref => \$cell_fmt );
$tmpl_main->param(  title_bar  => "Rpt $rpt_no - $rpt_lbl",
                    hdr_asofdt => "$rpt_asofdt",
                    attr_fyr   => $attr_fyr,
                    passattrs  => \@loop_attr,
                    passdata   => \@loop_data);
print $tmpl_main->output();

I also tried changing the order of the parameters passing to the template, but that didn't make it work (I tried putting the "new" after "param").

BTW, your <TMPL_INCLUDE> suggestion will work, and I'll use that if I can't get this to work.  I wanted to try and avoid the TMPL_INCLUDE because I end up with a reference/link inside of a reference/link (and I'll have another reference/link in the future when I get the drill down set up) and I want to keep my code as maintainable (and readable) as possible.  Or, am I being too picky?

Timm Murray <> wrote:

scalarref takes just that: a reference to a scalar. So you almost got it:

$tmpl_main = HTML::Template->new( scalarref => \$cell_fmt );

At 06:27 AM 1/9/04 -0800, LDT wrote:
>Hi Timm,
>Thanks for the quick response. I looked at the H:T documentation, and I
>see the reference to scalarref and arrayref, but I don't understand what
>they mean or exactly how I might use them. If I understand your note
>correctly, I would need add the scalarref like this:
>my $cell_fmt = qq (align="right" style="cursor:pointer;cursor:hand;"
> title="Click to drill down"
> onmouseover="style.background='#CCCCFF';"
> onmouseout ="style.background='> NAME=bgcolor>';">
> );
>$tmpl_main = HTML::Template->new( scalarref => $cell_fmt );
>However, I get the following error: " Can't use string
>("align="right" style="cursor:poin") as a SCALAR ref while "strict refs"
>in use at /usr/local/lib/perl5.8.0/site_perl/HTML/ line 1597."
>I've also tried using just a "q", using a HERE doc, and I get pretty much
>the same error each time. So, obviously, I'm using it incorrectly but I
>don't understand why. Any ideas? If you're willing, would you give me a
>dumbed down version? ;-)
>Lori Thompson
>Timm Murray wrote:
>At 02:14 PM 1/8/04 -0800, LDT wrote:
> >Am I missing something, or am I trying to do something naughty?
>HTML::Template won't expand entries that were placed into
>another . What you probably want is a
>. Alternatively, you can create another HTML::Template
>object out of the data inlined in your program now via the scalarref
>parameter. You can fill in this data as normal, and then pass its output
>to the main template's .

Love, Lori              

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