I am reading information from a DB and prepopulating my form fields. 
I am using HTML:TEMPLATES module to process my html tmpl files
Some of the entries in my table are radio buttons. I am prepopulating them but for some reason they donot seem to be prepopulated. I tried to do a view page source to see if the html is properly generated. It seems to do so.
All the other form fields are working fine. except radio buttons.
IS there any known issue with radio buttons prepopulation when using html tempalates.
Here is the snippet of the code in my tmpl file.
<td>Beeps: yes:
<input type="radio" name="beepStatus" value="yes"  <TMPL_VAR NAME="yesBeeps"> >
The yesBeeps param displays checked or is empty string depending if that radio button has to be prepopulated or not. But suprising even if it is marked as checked it does not show that in my html page.
Any help or hints would help. Or i need to switch to the old style of printing html doc through my perl program