i'm fairly new to perl, but i understand it now, except for this error:
basically i have a call to
 $template->param(ProjectLoop => \@loop_data);
and the script inexplicably dies there, the funny thing is that this whole script was working and while i was messing with the tags in the *template file* a subsequent run just gave me zero output.
this is supposed to print a table within a table, @loop_data is a list of hashrefs and each hashref contains an element say @{$loop_data[0]->{tasklist}} which is the inner loop, each element in the @tasklist is a hashref too...
        [0]  hashref
                    [0] hashref
        [1] ....
(tasklist is not the only value in the first level hashref.... fyi)
you get the idea.  so why would it be working fine, and then upon a change to template file produce no output?  i put the change back, but for all my efforts there is nothing i can do to make this a useable script again. 
anybody know what's up?  thanks!
Brian Bittman