To be exact I'm saying that whatever the cause is, I can't properly use innerHTML with internet explorer if I place the <div id="select"></div> tag anywhere within the HTML::Template Loop.  All other areas are fine. FF works, don't know why.
Although anything is possible but  I dont' understand why it works in all other areas other than within an HT Loop if there are html errors.
I'll try sending the outp to a file and see what happens, however I've checked and everything appears to be ok as far as the first output is concerned.  It is with onchange event that the problem arises and IE doesn't seem to like the Template Loop which at that point is just html.  So either I have an html formatting or DOM issue with IE during the HTML Temp Loop creation  or like you said JS.
So far everything has come up clean.  
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Are you saying that you believe H:T isn't working correctly because IE doesn't behave the same as other browsers? Or, are you really seeing H::T emit something different than you expect it to emit? That's a big difference. You may have invalid HTML causing IE to break (or its version of java script to break).
When you say a large chunk is missing, do you mean in display? Or, from the actual output method of H::T? You can write the output from H::T to a file and examine whether it is emitting the template correctly.
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Subject: [htmltmpl] t, name var Re: Loop Quirk

Hello again.

name is unique to every row in the table iterated over during the initial
build of the loop, t gets assigned a value from the perl script it calls
through the xml object.

The template works initially but it causes some confusion for Internet
Explorer and I'm assuming the DOM structure since placing the DIV "select"
anywhere but in the template loop works fine. As usual FF seems to have no
trouble with any of this.

You can try the script in FF and IE here  just click on ADD and then choose a
CID in the Select Box

-- Leander

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