No need to send emails to both me and list (twice) I guess ?
Anyway - I already looked into that. It's what CGI::Application::Framework uses.
But it's not what I need/want.
That way I can only call some run_mode (method) from current module (one that is outputing
the template in the first place).  I would need to manualy add plugins to each of the module
(or just in base module). 
On the other hand, I could write an method in my base module (inherited by others). And implement
that logic inside of him (require SomeModule, call some_run_mode in it ...).
But all that would be similar like this:
<TMPL_VAR NAME="CGIAPP_EMBED('run_plugin','some_plugin','param1','param')">
I was hopping to avoid that ... and make it shorter/simpler as:
<TMPL_PLUGIN NAME="SomeName(param1, param2)">
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Since you're using CGI::App, you should have a look at CGI::Application::Plugin::AnyTemplate - which will allow you to call a run mode with the H::T
 <TMPL_VAR NAME="CGIAPP_embed('some_run_mode', 'param, 'param')">
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Hello folks!
Don't know if it's just me or documentation of HTML::Template::Extension isn't good. Eitherway, I can't figure out how to write an extenstion for it, that I need for my project.
I work with CGI::Application, and I wan't to be able to use (reusable) objects in my templates.
For instance :
<tmpl_plugin name="SomeName(param1, param2)">
My filter would find SomeName module (Prefix such as MyApp::Plugin::SomeName) make an instance of it and call method - say named run. And place returned value instead of this tag.
Think of it as another template file that is included but it has some processing ... That way I can create one module/plugin and use it througth whole site/application.
If I don't figure this out soon - I will have to give a shot to HTML::Template::Expr and register a function with it (<tmpl_var name="plugin(SomeName, param1, param2)">).