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Sean Champ
  • Sean Champ

    Sean Champ - 2000-01-09


    I do not know how much support I would be able to lend to this, but I had been working on something that sounds similar to this, though I was calling it ::myXML  (and it was for document pre-processing, mostly:  wanted to make something to easily generate text-only && non-scripted web-pages for the sake of browsers that do not like graphics and script-bits (maybe even was going to try to implement different page-versions for different script-abilities per browser, ideally)

    and the preprocessing would seem to somehow include templating)

    So,please add me to the developer list, if you would like :)

    something that I had been really hoping to accomplish in ::myXml was to be able to type a tag like

    < the hunger site!>

    and it would be expanded to

    <a href="" target="_top" title="visit the hunger stie!">link-text</a>

    as well as some functions to output all of the tags in a document to a seperate file, and to catch the content between various <notes>stuff</> tags, to output those to seperate files, as well.

    got drawn into that for a while, but haven't gone back to it (waiting on being able to afford "Programming Perl", O'Reilly)

    not sure if an email will be automatically sent if you sign me up, so feel free to send one to


    look forward to being able to provide at least some amount of support


    • Sam Tregar

      Sam Tregar - 2000-01-10

      Great.  Just send a blank message to to join the mailing list.  See you there.



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