Variable syntax

  • Chris Burbridge

    Chris Burbridge - 2000-05-21

    I used HTML::Template for a project earlier this year, and I was very happy with it. The only thing I would suggest is, some people might prefer a different delimeter for the syntax, than the "<" + ">" ones -- the problem for me is, the designer [I would be working with] cannot see the current placeholders when the view it in a browser.

    My suggestion is simply to have this be configurable--simply allow the option of setting start and end delims. to a desired string. Then this would work for everybody.


    • Andrey Melnikov

      Andrey Melnikov - 2001-03-04

      Maybe it would be better to make special debug perl-script which will replace all "<TMPL_VAR xxx>" to TMPL_VAR xxx and show the result in the browser.

      I could attach this script as a handler for *.tmpl and to view the templates correctly din the browser:


    • Michael Lloyd

      Michael Lloyd - 2004-11-19

      I have run into this problem for a number of different reasons, including XHTML HTML validation, wysiwyg editing, and many other more site specific ones.

      I am using {%var_name%} and writing a regular expression, but I think this would be a major improvement.


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