Jeff Pelkey - 2001-06-28


I am fairly new to using templates, but really like the concept.  I am having a problem with displaying images using the TMPL_VAR and the IMG tag.

I have tried just about every combination single and double quoting around and all I get is the image name text and the image is not displayed.

Here's a sample:

          <TMPL_LOOP NAME="sysinfo">                      
<!-- Here's the code that's failing
<!-- End of Snippet -->
                <TD><B><TMPL_VAR NAME="SysName"></B></TD> 
                <TD><TMPL_VAR NAME="AppName"></TD>        
                <TD><TMPL_VAR NAME="Primary"></TD>        
                <TD><TMPL_VAR NAME="Secondary"></TD>      
                <TD><TMPL_VAR NAME="MachType"></TD>       
                <TD><TMPL_VAR NAME="IPaddr"></TD>         

Maybe there's something I'm missing; but just don't see it!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanx, Jeff