TMPL_COMMENT style tag?

Dave Baker
  • Dave Baker

    Dave Baker - 2001-02-22

    I find myself wanting to include comments in my
    HTML::Templates, unsuitable for transmission to
    the end user.  Is there a way to use something
    like [TMPL_COMMENT "random text"]  such that
    it gets stripped out during HTML::Template
    processing, and is therefore not viewable through
    'View Source'.
    The only kluge I can think of is to use a long-
    winded TMPL_VAR that will never be popupated,
    and thus be effectively invisible.

    Any other ideas?  Is this the kind of feature
    that might be implemented in a future release?


    • Andrey Melnikov

      Andrey Melnikov - 2001-03-02

      Maybe SSI comments support inside of HTML template is a good solution


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