#4 m68k disassembler


Do you plan to add disassembler for motorola 68xxx
executables? I'am looking for such thing for linux and
have found nothing. Maybe semi-experienced programmer
(eg. me) could add this to HT with your suport? And
maybe you have found something in this subject?

Michał (skd (at) z (dot) pl)


  • Sebastian Biallas

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    Get a version from CVS and take a look at the asm directory.
    We have already a plenty of disassemblers (CVS has PPC
    support, which is maybe similar to m86k?), and it shouldnt a
    big deal if you take a working disassembler (e.g. from gdb).
    I have no access to m68k-machines, so I can hardly implement
    this (correctly) at the moment, but I'm willing to help you,
    of course.

    If you want analyser support (which you certainly want ;),
    you have to create a analy_m68k.cc in the analyser
    directory. The disassembler for ELF-files is picked in the
    analy/elf_analy.cc file (function ElfAnalyser::initUnasm()),
    just add a "case ELF_EM_68K" there.

    It would be nice if you mail me a m86k executable (for
    example a bash), so I can also take a look at this.

  • Aurochs

    Aurochs - 2005-03-19

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    "CVS has PPC support, which is maybe similar to m86k?"

    Unfortunately, no. They aren't binary compatable processors.

    "One thing to note is that the PowerPC is not binary
    compatible with the 68K processor, and their assembly
    languages are completely different. However, PowerPC
    microprocessors can be forced to run in emulated mode,
    which allows them to run machine language code written for
    68K microprocessors, albiet with a substantial performance
    decrease versus native PowerPC machine language."

  • Aurochs

    Aurochs - 2005-05-17

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    I have located source files for a simple m68k disassembler. It
    has no analyzing abilities, but you may be interested
    somehow... The source is in C, so I hope you can read calls
    to printf(). =P

    If you're interested in that source code, drop me an e-mail.

    In other news, I'm planning on re-implimenting that
    disassembler in Ada during the summer. The new program
    will at first be rather simple, but it will eventually have a good
    analyzing capability. I would like to eventually integrate it into

  • Sebastian Biallas

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    You can add the disassembler to the "patches" section.
    Adding analyzer capabilities is really easy, you only have
    to describe certains instructions.


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