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how to make shorter - Bug?

  • Ralph

    Ralph - 2003-09-18

    > Open a file (in binary mode!). Then press ctrl+E

    Just tried replacements, a bug still there:

    Ht32 running in a CMD Window (W2k sp3) added an
    extra Null Byte at the end of a file while replacing
    ("This program" to "This programm" 1 replacement)
    with another exe-file HT32 did this replacement
    without extra byte.

    2.Bug: F9 "go ofs" displays mode selection

    Ciao, Ralph
    PS: I prefer disabled menus rather than
    changing, giving information that something
    more is possible if enabled.

    • Stefan Weyergraf

      Can you reliably reproduce this bug (extra 0-byte at end of file) ?
      I can't. And I've never seen it happen. I'm using XP.

      As for the 2nd bug: it's not a bug ! But it's label is probalby misleading. press F9 again. It says "view offset 00000000 in..." e.g. It means: view current offset in a different mode.

      Menus wont be fixed in 0.7.x and probably not even in 0.8.x.
      It's targetted for 0.9 (which is a big rewrite we're working on)

      • Ralph

        Ralph - 2003-09-22

        This appears repeatable with one file called "Fetchdate.exe" but not with other files ....


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