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  • david garcia

    david garcia - 2008-06-13

    hello everyone,
    I just installed HT on my system, the installation went smoothly but i have the following problem:
    whenver i execute ht which is located at: /home/davidga/Desktop/BinaryEditor/ht-2.0.13
    i get this error on the log windows:
    ht 2.0.13 (POSIX) 14:28:49 on Jun 13 2008
    (c) 1999-2004 Stefan Weyergraf
    (c) 1999-2008 Sebastian Biallas <sb@biallas.net>  
    appname = ht 
    │config = /home/davidga/.htcfg2
    │couldn't load configuration file, using defaults

    • Sebastian Biallas

      That's not an error, just exit HT with "F10", the configuration will be saved.

    • david garcia

      david garcia - 2008-06-16

      sorry but hitting F10 does not solve the problem. I should mention that I am using Red Hat Linux. The problem is that when i open ht from my terminal i get the

      log window which greets me with the error as i mentioned above. My problem is that I can't open to edit any file since it seems that none of the keys that I press work when

      Im in the terminal after I start HT. so Im stuck at seeing a blue screen (log window) with the error message. Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Sebastian Biallas

      Still, this isn't an error message, it's normal for the first start up.

      Which keys do you press? Does the file menu open if you press alt-F? Does the help open if you press F1?


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