ht2.0beta under Windows 2000 - mouse problem

  • DV

    DV - 2006-12-07

    subj, mouse does not work at all in HT! Does HT support mouse? If it is not, how can I manage windows (move, resize them) in HT?

    • Sebastian Biallas

      HT has no mouse support. You can open the menus with ALT+letter (e.g. ALT-F for the file menu). Keys for window management are listed in the Window-Menu (Alt-F5 resize/move).

    • DV

      DV - 2006-12-11

      Who stole a mouse? :)
      Well, here is a little bug-report for ht2.0beta
      1) When Alt is pressed, HT does not change its buttons bar. I.e. when Alt is pressed I expect to see: F3 - close, F5 - move, etc.
      2) the same is when Ctrl is pressed. I.e. when Ctrl is pressed, I expect to see: F5 - resize, etc.
      3.1) in the "search" dialog: open "mode" drop-down list (by pressing down arrow) and then press Esc. HT crashes.
      3.2) in the "open file" dialog: open "mode" drop-down list (by pressing down arrow) and then press Esc. HT crashes.
      3.3) the same in "operate on block" dialog.
      3.4) the same in "replace" dialog for "mode" and "repl" drop-down lists
      3.5) ...maybe I missed similar bug somewhere
      4) impossible to edit a file as text after it is opened as binary; impossible to edit a file as binary after it is opened as text. When a file is opened as text, "select mode" dialog (F6) is empty.

      Anyway, great work, thanks!
      A mouse support would be great...

      • Sebastian Biallas

        Many thanks for your bug reports. I rarely use some of HT's features, so some parts aren't tested much. Crashes will be fixed soon.

        If you find more bugs, feel free to email me directly (sb ät, this is faster and more comfortable :)

    • DV

      DV - 2006-12-11

      Another bug:

      When a file was opened as text and was modified, HT crashes when attempting to save this file (F2).


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