Hello, I took over a site that has htdig on it and my page updates are not showing in the search when I search the site.  And when I run the idexer script that the original owner provided it still does not show current updates, it doesn't appear that the idexer script is working and he doesn't know why as he did not install htdig originally.  Here's the cgi code that I was given to index the search and make it pick up the updates.  Any help is greatly appreciated:
print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
if($ENV{'QUERY_STRING'} eq 'do'){
   print "<HTML><BODY><PRE>--HTDIG Results--\n";
   print `./bin/htdig -s`;
   print "\n\n";
   print "--HTMERGE Results--\n";
   print `./bin/htmerge -s`;
   print "</PRE></BODY></HTML>";
print qq~<html>
<p><a href="htdigindexer.cgi?do">Do Index</a></p>