Hi all,


Thanks for your replies. I’ve added 2 v’s to the command which runs htdig and it is now running as we speak (halfway through I guess). I’m expecting a rather huge e-mail with the results ;-) I monitored the indexing yesterday for a while and it looks like htdig and the other processes use some much memory that Linux indeed has to swap to the harddrive. I’m going to ask our service provider to add more memory.


The other thought of going to 3.2.0 did cross my mind but I’ve been playing around with that one some two years ago when I tried and succesfully compiled that version on Windows. When comparing this version with 3.1.6 I’ve noticed it has some performance issues. It was much slower that 3.1.6 in our tests. Worth a look if the request for extra memory is denied and the two v’s can’t help me solve this problem.


Thanks again for your replies and I will be posting the results (if any :-) right here.