On 11/5/07 12:38 PM, "David T. Ashley" <dashley@gmail.com> wrote:

On 11/5/07, Clint Davis <cdavis@grayloon.com> wrote:
I'm running htdig 3.2.0b5 under RHEL 4. I have numerous virtual hosts using
htdig. I tried organizing all my htdig files into the following directory
structure, but I'm getting "Unable to read conf file" errors.


What is the best method for organizing my binaries (htsearch, htmerge,
etc.), conf files, and rundig files?

Please be more specific about the virtual hosts.  Do the search queries all search the same database, or is there one database per virtual host?  What is your intent with the virtual hosts?  Are you supporting multiple users/clients?  Or do you have a bunch of web content under different domain names that you want wrapped into the same search database?

One database per virtual host. I am supporting multiple users/clients. Each virtual host may have multiple domain names, but each searches the same database. I have Apache configured to redirect people hitting domain2.com (an extra domain for vhost1) to domain1.com (the primary domain for vhost1).