Hi Irene,
When you display search results, htsearch is essentially your application server.  I don't beleive it has any functionality to include files, though it would be good if it did.  Maybe someone will contradict me on this though as I haven't been using ht:/Dig for long.
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Hi everyone,

I used <include virtual file="blablabla.html"> to include some files which are usually put at the top, bottom, left, or right of another html file (e.g index.html).
I put the same tag in the wrapper.html, header.html, or footer.html, and I search something from search.html, but blablabla.html doesn't appear in the search result.
Is there anything I can use to include virtual file instead of this tag? Or did I miss something?
I need the answer as soon as possible.
Thanks for your help.

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