I am trying to make it work on windows7 for PDF indexing.
All the database files are being generated but I see the following issues,

1) The db.docsdb is generated with pdf id but not with TItle.
2) The excrepts(H) attribute is missing from the db.docs file
3) The db.worddump is generated with junk charecters.

The db.docs and db.worddump files, I tried using the ones generated on linux which worked fine but not the db.docsdb and db.docs.index files.

Please let me know what options I have?

I tested running perl sccripts doc2html and pdf2html and they are parsing my pdf but only the local ones. They are not parsing when I pass the URL of the pdf.
pdftotext and pdfinfo are working fine.

Also, how can index the pdfs in my local system directory.
I tried these options but it didn't work,

start_url:             http://localhost/pdf/
#local_urls:   http://localhost/pdf/ = C:/cygwin/var/www/htdocs/pdf/
#local_urls_only: true

Thanks for your help.