How fast is the server you are indexing?
How fast is the machine running htdig?
Are the databases still increasing in size?
A simple dig of a small site utilising fast hardware might take only a minute or two, but I have tasks that take several hours due to slow servers and size of site (well into the thousands of documents.)
If you feel the need to restart, try setting at least one -v option to the dig, then you can keep an eye on the output. Since you are new, I would suggest that you start with  -vvv so that you can see everything that is going on, as you get more confident of your installation, you can reduce that to -vv then -v  (to reduce the size of the output file)  
Also, make sure that you are using the  -s  option to get 'statistics' of the dig when finished. 
Hope that helps,

From: [] On Behalf Of Mehmet Fatih Akbulut
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 9:01 PM
Subject: [htdig] having problem with rundig ?

hi all,
i installed htdig and got no errors during that process.
then moved to configuration and :
i just changed the email address line in htdig.conf and finally run rundig
but dont know how long it will take to complete ?
it's been ten minutes since i hit /usr/local/bin/rundig ...
how long should i wait for rundig to complete its job ?
thanks in advance.