I think what you really need to decide is how htsearch is going to use multiple databases.
AFAIK htsearch can only use one DB at a time. You might, if you have a suitable back-end language (such as PHP) available, combine results from several databases on the same results page, but not in a single list.
Therefore, if you can split your site up into logical sections you are onto a winner; you just get the user to choose which section to search, and show results from that database.
Does that help?
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I installed htdig 3.2.0b5 as a precompiled binary on Solaris 9 and am having problems with db.words.db once it reaches the 2GB file size. I recompiled with --enable-bigfile and still see the same problem. Does anyone know how to make multiple smaller databases and run htdig against those. Thanks in advance,