I'm afraid I can't think of anything that might cause this, but if it was my problem I would be looking at the source of these pages, (as served up to the client, not the server-side source) and comparing them very closely.
If you were to post these pages as an attachment then we would all be able to have a look and see; my suspicion would be that a trivial error has crept in, such as mis-matched quotes or the like.
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Does anyone have a clue on this?  I haven't seen any replies to my thread and am holding my breath until our business partner finds it.


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I have a problem that I just discovered:

In the left column of our intranet site, we have an htdig search field.  When used to do a search, the results/no match/syntax error pages come up fine.  If you use the search box provided on those pages to refine or run another search, again it works fine.  BUT, if you try to use the search field in the left column again, you always get a no match page with  'No matches were found for '''  as a result.  It's as if it never sees the term entered into the left column field once it's been used once, because the …found for " is blank.  Why would this be?

I appreciate any help!
David Richards
Data Access/Intranet Development

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