I installed ht://Dig 3.2.0b5 with PDF-Parsing and German synonyms and words etc., it
works really fine. (www.templeton.de/cgi-bin/htsearch - searching for "templeton" by example).
Now, I set up another server witch exactly the same configuration etc. but now I have a problem
with the $(EXCERPT) variable in the result-template (long.html). When $(EXCERPT) is disabled
the result-page works fine. If $(EXCERPT) is enabled, it takes some minutes before htsearch does anything.
On the result-page you can see 3 and a half results (should be 10 or more) and some html-code.
When I call htsearch directly on the server -shell, everything works fine, I get a html-code that contains the right
search-results. So the error should be anywhere between the right search result from htsearch and displaying it
on the website.

 MfG. Raymond Zöllner

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