There should be no need for anything this complicated - it is easy to specify multiple starting points, and multiple 'restrict' items, in the same config, and carry out a single index of both sites.

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Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 9:13 PM
Subject: Re: [htdig] Indexing 2 domains


Try this: create a separate conf file for the second domain (say, second_domain.conf) and give that as a parameter to rundig:

rundig -c ../conf/second_domain.conf

That will index the second domain (make sure to choose a different location for the database so as not to overwrite your first domain).  Then use htmerge to merge the two databases into one.

I'm not too familiar with htmerge, but this should work from what I've read.  If someone knows of a better method, please advise.

Hope this helps,


On 11/18/06, <> wrote:

I have been using htdig to search my one domain, and it has been working great.

Now, I have 2 domains and would like to index both domains from my htdig on domain #1.  I attempted to do this in my htdig.conf in an obvious (for me) way, but it didn't work (only indexed the 1st (local) domain).

I would like to know if searching 2 domains is supported and I should keep trying, or is it simply not supported?

If it is supported, I would love to see a simple example how it might be done in the htdig.conf file.


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