LOL, ya you got that right. Xapian ouch! There are a couple others like this too. But I kind of look at it like all these system admin people certainly started somewhere, but they seem to forget that when they write their directions, don't they? Whats up with that anyway? Which really is a bummer for the rest of us. So I'm trying to find some online resources that tell me how to do these system admin commands before I get further into this. Ri.
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> Well thanks for the help anyway, I appreciate it. Let me check a
> couple of  things out and I'll leave a message about it here soon. Are
> you familiar with  putty? It will give me ssh access, I am talking to
> the owner of it right now. 

Yes, I've used putty [1].  It gives you the window onto another machine
but doesn't tell you what to do when you get there.  I see you've
already run into the Linux command-line trying to install Xapian/Omega
and presumably given up?  From where you are now in background in Linux I
would say that installing htdig and customising it are going to be of
equal difficulty to Xapian.  OTOH the documentation is better, but it's
still written for the system admin type of mind-set.

[1] Basically a superior telnet client to Microsoft's offering.

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